Selected President's Messages From The Voice

Below is a selection of past "President's Message" columns taken from past issues of The Voice that relate to AKC policies, procedures or other issues of interest to the judging community. They have been identified by the major topic that is addressed in the column.

Vol 32, No 2150 Limit and Recertification Test
Vol 32, No 1The Recertification Testing Program
Vol 31, No 2Judging Fees
Vol 31, No 1Conformation Judges Daily Limit
Vol 30, No 2The New ADSJ Photo Directory
Vol 30, No 1The New Mouth Exam Letters
Vol 29, No 2Recertification
Vol 29, No 1Best Practices
Vol 28, No 2Judges Compensation Survey Follow-up
Vol 28, No 1Judges Compensation Survey
Vol 27, No 1Workload Problems
Vol 26, No 2Revised Approval System
Vol 26, No 1Judges Approval System
Vol 25, No 2Owner/Handler Overload
Vol 25, No 1The New Approval Process
Vol 24, No 2Judging In Not Entirely Subjective
Vol 24, No 1Waiting To Hear...
Vol 23, No 2Raising The Number Of Dogs...
Vol 23, No 1An Approval Process...
Vol 22, No 2Garvin Committee Proposal
Vol 22, No 1Critique & Recommendations
Vol 21, No 2Senior Judges and Reduced Load
Vol 21, No 3Survey on the New Approval System
Vol 21, No 1Board Elections
Vol 20, No 2The Smith Committee
Vol 20, No 1The New Open Show
Vol 19, No 3The New Solicitation Policy
Vol 19, No 2Creation of Smith Committee
Vol 19, No 1In Defense of Judging Fees
Vol 18, No 2Annual Fee for Judges
Vol 18, No 1The Need for Match Shows
Vol 17, No 3Judging Non-AKC Shows
Vol 17, No 2Realignment
Vol 17, No 1Judging Contracts
Vol 16, No 3Unfounded Criticism of Judges
Vol 15, No 3In-Ring Observer Program
Vol 15, No 2Proposed Revision In-Ring Obsv Program
Vol 15, No 1Judging Non-AKC & In-Ring Observer