ADSJ Membership

Membership Benefits

The greatest benefit of ADSJ Membership comes automatically with membership in the largest judges organization in the world --- effective representation! Your views and concerns, together with those of so many others, combine through the vehicle of the ADSJ to create a voice which must be heard. We, the officers and directors of the ADSJ, gather, amplify and articulate this voice. It is heard by the governing body of our sport in a variety of ways, namely, informal conversations, letters to the AKC board and management, position papers and articles in The Voice, and most notably, through our AKC/ADSJ liaison meetings with key AKC Board and management personnel. Through these avenues we endeavor to build a relationship with the AKC based on reason, open communication and mutual respect.

While we continue to look for better ways to gather and express your views, we are also constantly seeking other Member benefits which may address your needs and interests. Please remember, your suggestions are always welcome.

New Member Welcoming Packet Includes:

  • A letter Welcoming you to the ADSJ
  • A copy of our Constitution & By-Laws
  • A copy of the most recent issue of our newsletter The Voice
  • Our distinctive ADSJ cloisonné lapel pin
  • Your lightweight name badge with enameled metal logo
  • ADSJ Five Year Planning Calendar - Year-At-A-Glance 2023-2027
  • An ADSJ Judge's Invoice pad
  • An ADSJ Luggage Tag
  • An easy-to-read ADSJ metal tape measure with lock
  • An up-to-date ADSJ membership list

ADSJ Advanced Institute

A discount on tuition for the dog worlds most comprehensive breed-specific program for judges. This highly regarded program combines classroom breed seminars with actual judging and critiquing practice.

Medical, Emergency Evacuation, Accidental Death

Covers 365 days a year, while traveling both inside or outside of your home country. Click here for the Information and Form

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

  • Up to $25,000.00
  • Covers all Members while on any judging assignment from the moment you leave home until you return.

Legal Liability Protection

Up to $5,000.00 of legal protection that pays for attorney fees and court costs if you are sued for anything you did or failed to do while judging at a licensed show here or abroad.

The Voice Newsletter

Our Newsletter, The Voice, is published three times each year. It brings to your home, ADSJ news, viewpoints on current issues, important announcements, meeting minutes and other items of interest.

Biennial Seminar Trip

Every two years the ADSJ develops a cruise or similar trip with educational seminars. A terrific opportunity to get away to new surroundings with some doggie friends for a few days of seminars and relaxation.

Seniority Recognition Pin

A piece of fine jewelry that not only identifies you as a member of the world's largest dog judges organization, but recognizes your seniority in the American dog judging community. Created in solid gold (25 years as a judge) or sterling silver (15 years). A CZ set in either pin indicates an additional five years of service. Available for purchase by ADSJ Members only. Go to our SHOP to purchase or click here for the Order Form. Direct questions about the Seniority Pin Program to Debra Thorton at 360 891-6904, email

ADSJ Invoice Pads

The ADSJ invoice pad includes 50 sets of invoices on NCR paper. Each invoice clearly separates your fee from your itemized expenses as required by IRS.
Questions about the invoice pads should be addressed to Debra Thorton. Go to the SHOP to order or fill out this form for check payment.

Happy Feet Insoles

A member-only discount on Happy Feet Insoles (formerly Hydropedes).Go to our SHOP or for an order form Click Here. Questions may be directed to Loraine Boutwell.

There are three types of memberships:

Voting Membership

Open to all AKC approved Judges in good standing with the American Kennel Club.

Honorary Life Membership

Upon the majority vote of the Board, Honorary Life Membership shall be given to members who retire from the judging profession with at least twenty years of service as an AKC approved judge. Honorary Life Members may not vote or hold office, but they are entitled to all of the other rights and privileges of membership. Candidates must have been ADSJ Members for at least ten years.

Associate Membership

Open to foreign judges. The judge applying must be recommended by an ADSJ member and their application must be approved by the Board. Dues shall remain the same as a Voting Membership, however, this is a non-voting membership. (Created by action of the Board on February 11, 1996)

Current membership stands at 601.