Rules and Policy changes are published in the applicable minutes (Delegate or Board), posted on the AKC website, and included in the Secretary’s Page of the AKC Gazette. Matters related to conformation judging are communicated by Judging Operations via email to all judges. They are also posted in the Conformation Judges Facebook Group and the Conformation Judges Blog. Judges who (1) opt out of emails from the AKC, (2) do not keep their contact information up to date, (3) do not provide an email, (4) do not join the Conformation Judges Facebook Group, and/or (5) do not enroll as a follower in the Conformation Judges Blog hinder their ability to be informed when changes occur.

When applicable, the Rules, Polices and Guidelines for Conformation Judges is modified to reflect any changes. Notice that the Judges Guidelines has been updated is also communicated through all of the channels previously stated.