Rules changes can only be approved by the delegate body. They may be proposed by the Delegate Dog Show Rules Committee, the Board, or a member club through its delegate. A proposal is presented to the Board who may approve, disapprove and/or make recommendations. If approved, it is then set forth to be voted on by the Delegate body after two publications in the Secretary’s Page of the Gazette. If the Board disapproves, the proposer is notified (subcommittee or member club) who may demand the matter be brought to the delegate body for vote.

The above is a brief summary of the process, the exact procedure is outlined in the Charter and Bylaws of The American Kennel Club.

Policy changes are approved by the Board. The adoption of a new policy or amendment to a current rule or policy may be proposed by the Board or by staff. Staff or the Board may also receive suggestions from clubs, delegates or committees which it may present to the Board.