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American Dog Show Judges, Inc is dedicated to promoting the good, welfare and education of American Kennel Club approved Dog Show Judges and to further the advancement of purebred dogs.

Our philosophy is to respond to the needs of the judging community in a positive, responsible and non-confrontational manner. The principles of the organization are based on the ideals of democracy and equality.

We hope this website serves you, as a member of American Dog Show Judges, in many ways. Through it, you will become familiar with the people and activities that in turn promote and define stewardship of all American Kennel Club dog breeds.

Our member benefits are unequaled – giving judges a voice by building a relationship with the AKC through reason, open communication and mutual respect. Other benefits include our quarterly newsletter, The Voice, Biennial Seminar Trips and Medical and Accidental Insurance, just to name a few.

Please check out the Calendar for membership & board meetings, ADSJ Advanced Institute schedule and any upcoming Judges Education Seminars.

ADSJ President's Message from "The Voice"

The Recertification Testing Program

As you know, the AKC has implemented a Recertification Testing Program designed to begin testing with older judges, especially those with fewer assignments than they have had in the past.

In principle, I’m sure we all would agree that judges should be familiar with the AKC policies and procedures. However, starting with this premise does not necessarily lead to the current testing program. My initial response to hearing of the program is the quaint old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Read More